In Loving Memory   


 Bill Holsclaw



     Harry "Bill" Holsclaw

- Born September 28, 1928

- Husband, Father, Coach, Friend

- Gone Fishing, February 18, 2021


We dedicate this website to everyone who knew and loved Bill.

When asked during a family game what he would do if he could do anything, his reply, was "I'm doing it."

He loved coaching, teaching, and people. Our house was always filled with good friends, students and athletes who loved and respected him.  


He accepted people as they were and had a natural expectation that they would rise to the occasion and go higher.  No award or accolade can replace a life lived with love, service, respect, faithfulness and honor, all of which he embodied to the fullest.


Thank you for being a part of his journey and a part of our lives.